Table of Contents: May 2008


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Heterogeneities in Transmission and Epidemiology of Chagas Disease in Central America and Mesoamerica Appear Related to Evolutionary Divergences of the Main Triatomine Insect Vector.

Photograph showing an adult specimen of Triatoma dimidiata from Colombia. DNA sequences prove that this vector species has followed different evolutionary lines throughout its geographical distribution in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador. Speciation and subspeciation furnish a new frame to take into account for future control strategies (see Bargues et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0000233).



Policy Platform

Pentamidine Dosage: A Base/Salt Confusion

Thomas P. C. Dorlo, Piet A. Kager


Research Articles

Controlling Schistosomiasis: Significant Decrease of Anaemia Prevalence One Year after a Single Dose of Praziquantel in Nigerien Schoolchildren

Zilahatou B. Tohon, Halima B. Mainassara, Amadou Garba, Ali E. Mahamane, Elisa Bosqué-Oliva, Maman-Laminou Ibrahim, Jean-Bernard Duchemin, Suzanne Chanteau, Pascal Boisier

High Levels of Genetic Differentiation between Ugandan Glossina fuscipes fuscipes Populations Separated by Lake Kyoga

Patrick P. Abila, Michel A. Slotman, Aristeidis Parmakelis, Kirstin B. Dion, Alan S. Robinson, Vincent B. Muwanika, John C. K. Enyaru, Loyce M. Lokedi, Serap Aksoy, Adalgisa Caccone

Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in the Philippines: Health Status of Patients Having Received Purified Equine F(ab')2 Fragment Rabies Immunoglobulin (Favirab)

Beatriz P. Quiambao, Hazel Z. DyTioco, Ruby M. Dizon, Marilyn E. Crisostomo, Thelma M. Laot, Dirk E. Teuwen

Altered Patterns of Gene Expression Underlying the Enhanced Immunogenicity of Radiation-Attenuated Schistosomes

Gary P. Dillon, Theresa Feltwell, Jason Skelton, Patricia S. Coulson, R. Alan Wilson, Alasdair C. Ivens

Age-Related Alteration of Arginase Activity Impacts on Severity of Leishmaniasis

Ingrid Müller, Asrat Hailu, Beak-San Choi, Tamrat Abebe, Jose M. Fuentes, Markus Munder, Manuel Modolell, Pascale Kropf

The Effect of Azithromycin on Ivermectin Pharmacokinetics—A Population Pharmacokinetic Model Analysis

Ahmed El-Tahtawy, Paul Glue, Emma N. Andrews, Jack Mardekian, Guy W. Amsden, Charles A. Knirsch

Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense Transmitted by a Single Tsetse Fly Bite in Vervet Monkeys as a Model of Human African Trypanosomiasis

John K. Thuita, John M. Kagira, David Mwangangi, Enock Matovu, C. M. R. Turner, Daniel Masiga

Human TLR1 Deficiency Is Associated with Impaired Mycobacterial Signaling and Protection from Leprosy Reversal Reaction

Elizabeth A. Misch, Murdo Macdonald, Chaman Ranjit, Bishwa R. Sapkota, Richard D. Wells, M. Ruby Siddiqui, Gilla Kaplan, Thomas R. Hawn

Phylogeography and Genetic Variation of Triatoma dimidiata, the Main Chagas Disease Vector in Central America, and Its Position within the Genus Triatoma

María Dolores Bargues, Debora R. Klisiowicz, Fernando Gonzalez-Candelas, Janine M. Ramsey, Carlota Monroy, Carlos Ponce, Paz María Salazar-Schettino, Francisco Panzera, Fernando Abad-Franch, Octavio E. Sousa, Christopher J. Schofield, Jean Pierre Dujardin, Felipe Guhl, Santiago Mas-Coma