Table of Contents: December 2008


Moving produce to market in the Usino Valley, Papua New Guinea.

Image Credit: Gary J. Weil, Washington University School of Medicine
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This photo from the Usino study area in Papua New Guinea shows people carrying produce to a local market several kilometers from their homes and gardens. The track crosses several streams, and it is quite steep in some areas and slippery after rains. Subsistence farmers cannot afford to carry the extra burdens of acute filarial fevers or chronic lymphedema (see Weil et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0000344).


The Natural Progression of Gambiense Sleeping Sickness: What Is the Evidence?

Francesco Checchi, João A. N. Filipe, Michael P. Barrett, Daniel Chandramohan

The Burden of Human African Trypanosomiasis

Eric M. Fèvre, Beatrix v. Wissmann, Susan C. Welburn, Pascal Lutumba

Research Articles

Leishmania-Induced IRAK-1 Inactivation Is Mediated by SHP-1 Interacting with an Evolutionarily Conserved KTIM Motif

Issa Abu-Dayyeh, Marina Tiemi Shio, Shintaro Sato, Shizuo Akira, Benoit Cousineau, Martin Olivier

Development and Validation of a Severity Scale for Leprosy Type 1 Reactions

Stephen L. Walker, Peter G. Nicholls, C. Ruth Butlin, Jose Augusto C. Nery, Hemanto K. Roy, Emanuel Rangel, Anna M. Sales, Diana N. J. Lockwood

Human Helminth Co-Infection: Analysis of Spatial Patterns and Risk Factors in a Brazilian Community

Rachel L. Pullan, Jeffrey M. Bethony, Stefan M. Geiger, Bonnie Cundill, Rodrigo Correa-Oliveira, Rupert J. Quinnell, Simon Brooker

Leishmanicidal Metabolites from Cochliobolus sp., an Endophytic Fungus Isolated from Piptadenia adiantoides (Fabaceae)

Fernanda Fraga Campos, Luiz Henrique Rosa, Betania Barros Cota, Rachel Basques Caligiorne, Ana Lúcia Teles Rabello, Tânia Maria Almeida Alves, Carlos Augusto Rosa, Carlos Leomar Zani

Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus in Iquitos, Peru: Urban Transmission of a Sylvatic Strain

Amy C. Morrison, Brett M. Forshey, Desiree Notyce, Helvio Astete, Victor Lopez, Claudio Rocha, Rebecca Carrion, Cristhiam Carey, Dominique Eza, Joel M. Montgomery, Tadeusz J. Kochel

The Impact of Repeated Rounds of Mass Drug Administration with Diethylcarbamazine Plus Albendazole on Bancroftian Filariasis in Papua New Guinea

Gary J. Weil, Will Kastens, Melinda Susapu, Sandra J. Laney, Steven A. Williams, Christopher L. King, James W. Kazura, Moses J. Bockarie

The Natural History of Trachoma Infection and Disease in a Gambian Cohort with Frequent Follow-Up

Nicholas C. Grassly, Michael E. Ward, Shirley Ferris, David C. Mabey, Robin L. Bailey

Immunogenicity of Fractional Doses of Tetravalent A/C/Y/W135 Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine: Results from a Randomized Non-Inferiority Controlled Trial in Uganda

Philippe J. Guerin, Lisbeth M. Næss, Carole Fogg, Einar Rosenqvist, Loretxu Pinoges, Francis Bajunirwe, Carolyn Nabasumba, Ray Borrow, Leif O. Frøholm, Salah Ghabri, Vincent Batwala, Rogers Twesigye, Ingeborg S. Aaberge, John-Arne Røttingen, Patrice Piola, Dominique A. Caugant