Table of Contents: November 2007


Mouse Left Ear

Image Credit: © 2007 Fabiano Oliveira
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Shown is cutaneous lesion development in a BALB/c mouse after inoculation of Leishmania braziliensis into the ear dermis. Previous research in mice has shown that immunity to sandfly saliva protects against the development of leishmaniasis. Researchers in Brazil observed that mice injected with sandfly saliva develop a specific response against salivary proteins; however, mice challenged with live Leishmania braziliensis in the presence of the saliva were not protected. Their findings could indicate possible hurdles in the development of leishmaniasis vaccines based on sandfly saliva (see de Moura et al., e84).


Measuring Neglect

Peter Hotez


Expert Commentary

Historical Profiles and Perspectives

Eliminating Lymphatic Filariasis, Onchocerciasis, and Schistosomiasis from the Americas: Breaking a Historical Legacy of Slavery

Patrick J. Lammie, John F. Lindo, W. Evan Secor, Javier Vasquez, Steven K. Ault, Mark L. Eberhard


Research Articles

Optimization of Topical Therapy for Leishmania major Localized Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Using a Reliable C57BL/6 Model

Hervé Lecoeur, Pierre Buffet, Gloria Morizot, Sophie Goyard, Ghislaine Guigon, Geneviève Milon, Thierry Lang

Enhanced Leishmania braziliensis Infection Following Pre-Exposure to Sandfly Saliva

Tatiana R. de Moura, Fabiano Oliveira, Fernanda O. Novais, José Carlos Miranda, Jorge Clarêncio, Ivonise Follador, Edgar M. Carvalho, Jesus G. Valenzuela, Manoel Barral-Netto, Aldina Barral, Cláudia Brodskyn, Camila I. de Oliveira

Neglected Patients with a Neglected Disease? A Qualitative Study of Lymphatic Filariasis

Myrtle Perera, Margaret Whitehead, David Molyneux, Mirani Weerasooriya, Godfrey Gunatilleke

Detection of Schistosoma mansoni Eggs in Feces through their Interaction with Paramagnetic Beads in a Magnetic Field

Candida Fagundes Teixeira, Erli Neuhauss, Renata Ben, Juliano Romanzini, Carlos Graeff-Teixeira

Nifurtimox plus Eflornithine for Late-Stage Sleeping Sickness in Uganda: A Case Series

Francesco Checchi, Patrice Piola, Harriet Ayikoru, Florence Thomas, Dominique Legros, Gerardo Priotto

Host Gene Expression Profiling of Dengue Virus Infection in Cell Lines and Patients

Joshua Fink, Feng Gu, Ling Ling, Thomas Tolfvenstam, Farzad Olfat, Keh Chuang Chin, Pauline Aw, Joshy George, Vladimir A. Kuznetsov, Mark Schreiber, Subhash G. Vasudevan, Martin L. Hibberd