Correction: Population Genetic Structuring in Opisthorchis viverrini over Various Spatial Scales in Thailand and Lao PDR

  • Nonglak Laoprom,
  • Paiboon Sithithaworn,
  • Ross H. Andrews,
  • Katsuhiko Ando,
  • Thewarach Laha,
  • Sirawut Klinbunga,
  • Joanne P. Webster,
  • Trevor N. Petney
  • Published: November 21, 2012
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/29f19833-ad5d-44cd-bf23-808635000a92

In Table 3, the values given for the for the Fst, *P-value, Straight line and Along river columns in the Khon Kaen populations segment of Pairwise comparison entries are shifted one line up out of alignment.