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We strongly encourage authors to send a presubmission inquiry before making a full submission. Ready to submit your manuscript? Please refer to our submission checklist below and use our online manuscript submission system.

Manuscript Submission Checklist

When you submit your article to PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, you will be asked to provide some information in addition to the manuscript itself, as well as some associated files. This checklist will ensure that you have gathered all the relevant information and that the manuscript is formatted appropriately. Details can be found in our Guidelines for Authors. If you have questions prior to submission, please contact us at plosntds [at]

  • Have you read the license agreement and are you able to sign it on behalf of all the authors?
  • Have you prepared a cover letter explaining why you consider this manuscript suitable for publication in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases?
  • Does your paper fall into the scope of PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases? If the disease in your paper is not listed in the scope, have you sent a presubmission inquiry to ask the editors whether the paper is suitable?
  • Have all authors and their affiliations been included? Do you have e-mail addresses for all the authors listed? All authors will be e-mailed a request to acknowledge that they are authors on the paper, that the work is original and has not been submitted elsewhere, and that they agree to the publishing and editorial policies of PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases. In addition, all authors will be asked to specify the nature of their contribution to the submitted work, and whether they have any competing interests.
  • Have you prepared a statement indicating who funded the study, and the role of the funding agency in conducting the study and in preparing the manuscript? You will be asked to enter this into the relevant section of the submission form.
  • If your article includes human or animal research, have you read and followed these guidelines, which contain further information on the Declaration of Helsinki and "The use of non-human primates in research"? For research involving vertebrates please note, as part of the ethics statement, the guidelines followed and the committee that approved of the methods employed.
  • Have you confirmed that anyone named in the acknowledgments section agrees to being so named?
  • Do you have a copy of the statement from the relevant institutional review board or ethics committee indicating their approval of the research reported in the manuscript which you can upload as supporting information?
  • If your submission contains content that could identify individual patients (such as photos, descriptions, pedigrees), we request that you provide copies of informed consent forms (23 KB PDF) from those patients as supporting information. Have the patients been informed that under open access this published information can be used for any lawful purpose?
  • Does your paper follow the organization guidelines outlined in the Guidelines for Authors?
  • If reporting a clinical trial have you provided the registration number, do you have a copy of the protocol that you can upload as supporting information, and are you reporting it according to the CONSORT guidelines? Have you completed and attached the CONSORT checklist?
  • If your manuscript comprises a systematic review of randomized controlled trials, are you reporting it according to the PRISMA Guidelines? Have you included a PRISMA checklist and flow diagram?
  • If the study describes a diagnostic technique, are you reporting it according to the STARD guidelines?
  • If reporting an epidemiological study are you reporting it according the STROBE requirements?
  • If your study includes microarray data, are you reporting it according to the MIAME guidelines and have you deposited the data in a public database?
  • Have you included detailed descriptions of the statistical methods employed in your study and do you provide a measure of error in any data reported?
  • Have non-standard abbreviations been defined in the text?
  • Have you added line numbers to your manuscript?
  • Have you used standard nomenclature?
  • Have you used SI values?
  • Is the manuscript file in DOC or RTF? If you prepared your article using LaTeX, please refer to our LaTeX Guidelines for details about file types.
  • Have your original figures been created as EPS or TIFF files in a high enough resolution to provide for adequate review? Please note that individual files should not exceed 5 MB in size.
  • If your manuscript is ready for publication, do your figures conform to the Guidelines for Figure and Table Preparation?
  • Are related manuscripts by any of the authors submitted or in press elsewhere? If so, are you prepared to provide PDFs as supporting information?
  • Have you identified potential reviewers whose e-mail addresses you can provide?